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6mm Steel Plate

6mm Steel Plate

Mild steel is a staple in construction and our range of precision-cut steel plates are ideal for a wide range of uses.

With XAR400® Wear Plate, cut to a 6mm thickness, among a complete range of other metal solutions, our online platform is the ultimate destination for high-performing steel products.

Tough structural steel

Our 6mm steel plates are extra hard and tough, making them the ideal material for construction projects that need to be robust. Available in a variety of sizes, these steel plates are the ultimate choice for times when wear and abrasion weigh heavily on cost.

Our high-quality 6mm steel plates can be used for everything: from precision engineering projects through to car and boat repair – making them some of the most versatile steel products available on the market today.

Long-lasting mild steel plates

6mm steel plates are ideal for general engineering and structural applications. With dross and burr free edges, even the most precise of projects can be catered for.

Our wear-resistant 6mm steel plates last at least five times longer than conventional structural steel, outstripping other market providers with superior quality and a precision finish.

Why use Steelbay Exchange?

Steelbay Exchange is the UK’s premier online supplier of construction grade steel. With years of experience supplying the nation’s leading construction firms, we provide the very best in steel plating and other materials.

Backed by thyssenkrupp Materials UK, our range is comprised of the finest metals, available on the market. Procurement is made easy through our digital purchasing platform, whilst rapid delivery times make it simple to hit milestones on time, every time.

With Steelbay Exchange, you can count on:

  • A hassle-free ordering process.

  • Bespoke procurement that makes it easy to get the materials you need, no matter how big or small.

  • Short lead times.

  • On-demand support from industry experts.

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