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steel plate 8mm

8mm Steel Plate

Mild steel is the perfect choice for construction projects of all kinds. Our selection of hardwearing steel plates are some of the most popular on the market.

With 8mm thick XAR400 Wear Plate featuring alongside a full range of other metals, you’ll find everything you need on our online platform.

Strong structural steel

Our 8mm steel plates are some of the toughest around. They are made with the most complex of engineering projects in mind. Our status as a supplier to the precision industry means that our steel plates are extra hard and made to withstand some of the most testing of conditions.

These are versatile metals that can be used for everything from patch-up jobs through to fresh construction. As an all-round solution, they make for easy fabrication and structurally sound results.

Precision-cut mild steel plates

8mm steel plates are suitable for all kinds of structural applications and can be ordered in an array of sizes to suit your exact specifications. Made to exacting standards and with dross and burr free edges, almost any project could benefit from construction-grade materials of this calibre.

Why use Steelbay Exchange

Steelbay Exchange is the UK’s premier online supplier of construction grade metals. Having supplied the construction industry for years, we curate and stock only the very best in steel plating and other materials.

With backing from thyssenkrupp Materials UK, we conduct rigorous quality assurance processes on all of our stock to ensure that we only ship the finest metals on the market. Procurement is simple and our digital procurement platform cuts down on lead times, whilst providing a stellar customer experience.

With Steelbay Exchange, you can count on:

  • A simple ordering process.

  • Bespoke procurement that makes it easy to get the materials you need, regardless of size or specification.

  • Short lead times.

  • On-demand support from industry experts.

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