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hot rolled steel

Hot Rolled Steel

Hot rolling is an affordable way of forming steel that avoids additional steps like annealing, necessary when cold rolling steel.

Hot rolled steel often has a bluish iron oxide layer, called a mill scale that forms on the surface of the product. This is caused by subjecting the steel to high temperatures. Other characteristics of hot rolled steel include slightly rounded edges and corners of the plate products and slight distortions, where cooling may result in trapezoidal shapes instead of squared angles.

Hot rolled steel is often preferred when the applications don’t require precise shapes or tolerances.

At Steelbay Exchange, we carry various grades and products of hot rolled steel. Our diverse stock of hot rolled products makes it easier to find the ideal materials for your project.

Grades of Hot Rolled Steel

We stock a wide variety of hot rolled steel products that combine excellent mechanical properties such as tensile strength, shear strength, hardness, ductility and toughness. Our range includes:

Hot rolled steel plates

Hot rolled steel plates are sheets that are thicker than ¼”. They are heavily used in the manufacturing, construction and industrial sectors, where they have many structural applications.

We stock hot rolled steel plates in various grades and sizes that are used for applications ranging from the manufacturing of walkways, ramps, structural supports, trailers, axles, ordinary shafts and rock screens.

You can rely on our consistently high quality hot rolled steel products to successfully complete all your projects and meet your high standards. 

Benefits of Hot Rolled Steel

Hot rolled steel undergoes much simpler processing methods. This makes it easy to form and shape into any form requested.

It is one of the most multitudinous types of steel in the industry. You can use it to make structural or sectional modules because of its high level of malleability.

Because it doesn't undergo complex procedures, hot rolled steel is more affordable than cold-rolled varieties.

Hot Rolled Steel Delivered to Your Doorstep

Steelbay Exchange is about bringing quality and convenience into materials sourcing. With our online metal supply service, you can access an extensive range of metal products, including hot rolled steel.

Our easy to use platform saves you time and money while ensuring your projects remain on course with easy materials sourcing and uncompromised quality.

  • Sign-up – You can start experiencing the next frontier in materials sourcing by signing up on Steelbay Exchange. The registration process is quick, easy, free and should only take a few minutes.

  • Access to a multitude of mild steel products – With us, you can access an extensive range of mild steel products. You don't have to source your metal products from different suppliers anymore and increase the cost of logistics. We can cater to all your mild steel supply needs under one roof.

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hoosing Steelbay Exchange as your preferred mild steel products supplier is one of the best decisions you can make because:

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